Advance the care of children with inflammatory bowel

What we do

Investigator and industry initiated research

Take knowledge further

What we do

Mission Statement

“PIBD-net was founded with the mission to advance the care of children with inflammatory bowel disease globally through investigator and industry initiated research, the development of optimal treatment plans, and monitoring safety and effectiveness of current and emerging treatments.”

Proposed Strategies

  • To partner with patients, families, patient-organizations (charities), physicians, and industry to create a transparent, inclusive infrastructure to achieve its mission. 
  • To partner with agencies and stake holders to accelerate access to new medicine and to improve existing care (effectiveness and safety) for children with IBD

Governing Board of Officers

Frank Ruemmele


Dan Turner

Vice President for Europe & Israel

Jeffrey Hyams

Vice President for North America

Anne Griffiths


Lissy de Ridder


Operational Board

USA + Canada

Anne Griffiths, Toronto, Canada
Athos Bousvaros Boston, USA
Bill Faubion, Rochester, USA
Bob Baldassano, Philadelphia, USA
Dick Colletti , Burlington, USA
Francisco Sylvester, Hartford, USA
Harland Winter, Boston, USA
Jeff Hyams , Hartford, USA
Jim Markowitz, New York, USA
Marla Dubinsky, New York, USA
Mel Heyman, San Francisco, USA
Tony Otley , Halifax, Canada

Europe + Israel

Arie Levine, Jerusalem, Israel
Christian Braegger, Zurich, Switzerland
Dan Turner, Jerusalem, Israel
Frank Ruemmele, Paris France
Gigi Veereman, Brussel, Belgium
Hankje Escher, Rotterdam, NL
Kaija Leena Kolho, Helsinki, Finnland
Lissy de Ridder, Rotterdam, NL
Paolo Lionetti, Florence, Italy
Richard Russell, Glasgow, UK
Salvatore Cucchiara, Roma, Italy
Sibylle Koletzko, Munich, Germany

Australia + Japan

Katsuhiro Arai, Tokyo, Japan
Peter Levington, Brisban, Australia

External Advisor Board

Pr Séverine Vermeire,

Catholic University of Leuven,

Pr Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet,

CHU Nancy,

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